Botox for sweating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, PeshawarBotox composed of Botulinum toxin that is one of the poisonous substances produced by bacteria Clostridium botulinum, is used for stopping muscle spasm. Most commonly Botox is used for smoothening facial wrinkles, migraine headache, uncontrolled eye blinking and pain disorders that works by paralyzing the muscle. In last few years, it has been proven effective for excessive sweating as well. Body sweats to cool itself when it’s hot outside. Botox for Sweating in Islamabad treats hyperhidrosis condition by blocking the neurotransmitter that stimulates sweat glands to release sweat.

Results and Benefits:


Results are generally seen after a week when BOTOX starts working properly. For hyperhidrosis, the results of Botox for Sweating in Islamabad last for 3-6 months. This time depends on dose injected. This treatment is temporary but very effective solution for sweating under the arms, palms, feet and face. It can be repeated for retaining the outcomes. Individual results may vary.


  • It is effective for reducing excessive sweating
  • It also play role in reducing chance of bad odour
  • It is non-invasive due to its non-surgical procedure
  • It improves mental health by eradicating embarrassment
  • It inhibits sweat glands for stifling the production of sweat

Who Is Candidate?

All those people who constantly sweat under their arms, pals, feet, groins, and face can go for Botox for Sweating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi. You can be a candidate if:

  • You are not pregnant or breast-feeding
  • You are not having muscle/nerve disorder
  • Your antiperspirants and medications don’t work
  • Your sweating has debilitating effect on mental state

Aim of Treatment:

In Pakistan, about 1% of population is affected by hyperhidrosis. Both men and women come up with excess sweat under their arms and on palms & feet. Botox for Sweating in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is one of the popular treatments this year that aim to help those people who experience excessive sweating. It becomes source of embarrassment for many people and ruins expensive clothing of brides & grooms.

Technique We Use:

Before your arrival at COSMESURGE, remember to freshly shave your under-arms. Area of treatment whether it is palm, feet or under-arm initially, it is cleansed to sterilize and a topical numbing cream is commonly administered (only for extra sensitive patients). Finally, estimated dose of BOTOX is injected on the targeted area that block the nerve from reaching sweat gland.  Around 15 injections are normally introduced in each armpit that takes about only half an hour.


There is no downtime for this treatment. Treated area become little sore and small bruise can occur which gets normal in 2-3 days. Don’t apply massage or any pressure on area of treatment. Avoid strenuous activities for few hours as it can disturb the healing process. You may also feel muscle weakness but don’t worry it is temporary that goes away quickly. Complications and severe side effects are rare.

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So far, at Cosmesurge International Hospital we’ve helped more than 50,000 patients by overcoming embarrassing underarm sweat, and we encourage you to give it a try before exploring invasive options like Botox for Hyperhidrosis in Islamabad, Rawalpindi.

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