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With the advancing technologies, dermatologists also have targeted non-invasive approaches to overcome human related problems. Today, one of the far going treatments is macrolane injections in Islamabad composed by Swedish company ‘Q-Med’. The gel compound made primarily of Hyaluranic acid is widely being used for injectable body contouring. The fundamental purpose of the injections is to increase breast size through breast contouring and reshaping. These injections are also taking part in enhancing buttocks and calves. Men and women are becoming more self-conscious in their physical appearance with the progressing trends. They want to look good for their selves as well as to attract others. Medical science has given these cosmetic injections as an opportunity to get perfect body which people dream of.

Results And Benefits:

The non-surgical cosmetic approach requires less downtime and successful results appear with time. Use of this modern technique has replaced breast augmentation with the aim of adding volume to specific body parts particularly breasts and buttocks.


  • Long lasting results
  • Remodeling of breast shape
  • Amending buttocks texture
  • Reforming calves contours
  • Aesthetic outcomes with minimum side effects
  • Two hour procedure with immediate natural looking results


  • Quick recovery time
  • Terrific option for self-conscious people
  • Demands local anesthesia and little scarring
  • Opportunity to avail body contours of your choice
  • You can turn back to routine activities right after the treatment
  • Alternative for more subtle change as compare to traditional surgery
  • Macrolane injections in Islamabad involves non-surgical painless procedure
  • Not a permanent alternation thus can be accommodated according to desired change

Who Is Candidate?

These minimal invasive cosmetic techniques are considered benchmark of the day and must be performed by expert cosmetic doctors, who are relatively familiar with the ongoing procedure. The candidates who want to consider this cosmetic treatment should have certain conditions before going for the procedure.

  • Women with reduced breast size
  • Men and women for contouring buttocks
  • Candidates must have positive expectations and medically fit
  • People who want temporary alternations according to their desires
  • Sufferers of prior skin abnormalities as a result of liposuction surgery

Aim Of Treatment:

The macrolane injections in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are extensively functioning throughout the world with the aim of enlarging and shaping differently sized breasts. The treatment is serving women with reduced breasts volume that occurs due to hormonal changes and sometimes weight loss, with the help of injected fillers. These cosmetic injections are also focusing on constructing buttocks, calves and other body parts and treating post-liposuction irregularities.

Technique We Use:

An excelling option is waiting for both men and women for making alternations in body parts by giving more volume. The procedure involves injections of HA to increase breast size for enhancing physical looks. Medical history of the patient must be considered before going for the cosmetic injection.

Steps Involved:

  1. Dermatologist will start treatment by applying local anesthesia on affected area for providing numbness.
  2. Procedure lasting for 1-2 hours, demands creation of 2-3mm incisions under the breast or buttock.
  3. By using syringe or cannula, the chemical substance is injected into the underlying skin tissues (layer above muscles).
  4. Sutures are used for closing off the incisions.
  5. You are advised to take rest for an hour and permitted to go home on the same day of treatment.


The cosmetic treatment of marolane injections in Islamabad and Rawalpindi requires maximum 2 hours for the whole process to be done. You will be recommended to take rest for an hour but can return to normal daily work on the same day. The recovery demands no downtime and is quick. No scarring will be visible. Your practitioner may restrict you from exercising, running and lifting heavy weight for achieving better results. Single treatment can last for 12-18 months.

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