Vector Facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, PeshawarAfter some time our skin looses versatility and volume which can prompt attributes that lead to the formation of looser, drier skin on cheeks, lines and wrinkles. Vector Facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi helps in reviving youthful outlook by utilizing a non-surgical procedure. It plays role in diminishing ageing lines/spots as well as reestablishes volume. Utilizing simple and the most recent non-surgical technique, the treatment plans to enhance overall facial profile rather than focusing individual areas with skin issues.

Results and Benefits:


Most effective 3D Vector Facelift in Islamabad delivers natural looking results by diminishing and lifting jowls; restoring natural shape to flattened cheeks/temple areas and lifting sides of the mouth. These aesthetic results usually last between 18 to 24 months but may vary from person to person. No Guarantee.


  • Involves no cuts or stitches
  • Gives healthy looking appearance
  • Makes wrinkles and fine lines, the thing of past
  • Makes you look ten years younger than your actual age
  • Involves minimally invasive technique unlike other facelift procedures

Who Is Candidate?

Skin type, level of skin flexibility and fundamental bone structure are factors that ought to be talked about before preceding treatment during consultation. These factors help your cosmetologist in choosing you for a candidacy. You are a god candidate if:

  • You have good skin elasticity
  • You have strong bone structure
  • You are having drooping look of your face
  • You aren’t suffering from chronic skin illness
  • You have realistic expectations for Vector Facelift in Islamabad

Aim of Treatment:

With all cosmetic medical procedure, good wellbeing and reasonable desires are requirements. There is no ideal in a Vector Facelift in Islamabad. Rather, the objective is to enhance general facial appearance by focusing to mid-sagginess, two-fold chin, profound wrinkles that extend from the sides of the mouth to the nose or that show up underneath the eyes. This is basically accomplished by sculpting the tissues underneath the skin for giving new contours and keeping the skin tight.

Technique We Use:

Patient is administered under local anesthesia and whole procedure gets completed in 30-45 minutes. The procedure we use involves following steps:

  • As an initial step, cosmetic surgeon first apply anesthesia on the area of treatment.
  • Once it is numbed, he tightens underlying tissues of face and neck by administering dermal fillers in multiple directions.
  • These fillers aids in restoring volume of your face and lifting up the jaw line.
  • In the next step, he them uses a combination of dermal filler and neuro-toxins for the purpose of diminishing lines and wrinkles.
  • Finally, volume enhancement and wrinkle elimination together give you the possible results you desire.


Despite the fact, most patients encounter little to no pain after facelift medical procedure. You cosmetic surgeon may prescribe medications to come up with better healing. Although, swelling and wounding is unavoidable and you will advised to utilize ice packs for subsiding swelling. Your dressing will be evacuated inside one to two days. You will likewise be told to keep your head elevated while resting. Recovery after Vector Facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi normally takes few days and you are fully able to return to work in only two weeks. Remember that the natural aging procedure proceeds even after getting the treatment and that some relaxation of tissues happens over the initial couple of weeks.

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Cosmesurge International Hospital meets standards of quality and care. It has more than 25 years of clinical experience and thousands of happy customers. Our highly qualified and experienced clinical team of dermatologists and cosmetologists has complete commitment to honesty and integrity so that you get unbiased professional advice during consultation. Note that Vector Facelift Islamabad Rawalpindi is personalized to the unique needs of your skin; whether you need more lifting, hydration, elimination of fine lines or all three of them.

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