3D Liposuction in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

3D Liposuction in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

3D Liposuction in Rawalpindi and Islamabad is widely used to get rid of fat. There are always new advancements in technology and medical science when it comes to weight loss. We used to see about them every day online, on the television and on radio or print. The latest weight loss trend making the rounds on news publications is called 3D Liposuction.  It is one of the powerful non-surgical approaches that work to reduce the extra fatty deposition by destroying fat cells. Today, most of the celebrities throughout the world are trying this to help them fight against the stubborn pockets of fats and muffin tops. This latest body sculpting treatment helps you in getting the look you want without using a knife under the skin. Instead, it works by improving the appearance of problem areas of the body without inserting any cannula.

Results and Benefits:


3D Liposuction delivers very natural looking results by eradicating 40% of fat cells in just one treatment or 100% of treated fat cells in 3 treatments. Once you are done with the treatment, you will shed centimeters immediately.  However, it’s the fact that more sessions will garner the best results. The apparent obvious results are lost inches, along with cellulite reduction and firmer skin that may vary person to person. When you follow your treatment course, you will see dramatic results.


  • Involves NO surgical procedure
  • Uses multi-platform technology
  • Gives a slimmer and well-toned figure
  • Helps in cellulite reduction and skin tightening
  • Provides an all-in-one solution to your concerns
  • Decreases bulges or unwanted fat bumps on the skin
  • Achieves your cosmetic goals without suffering any discomfort or pain

Who is Candidate?

Anyone who is struggling to get into shape can go for this non-invasive treatment option. An ideal candidate of 3D Liposuction is :

A person who is over the age of 18
Candidate who has a general good health
Individual must have realistic expectations in order to undergo the treatment
If you want to improve your body contour without surgery, you’re an ideal candidate
If your targeted areas are stubborn fat, loose or sagging skin and cellulite

The Aim of Treatment:

It’s non-surgical and of course,e painless technique makes 3D Liposuction incredibly appealing. This treatment has the major aim of destroying fat cells without releasing them into the body. Ultrasonic waves dive deep into the tissues that further expose fatty material toa high temperature for causing total fat cell destruction without damaging the skin or other important cells.

Technique We Use:

3D Liposuction involves multiple aesthetics techniques for improving body shape without surgery. Some of the common techniques are below:

  • 3D Lipo Fat Freezing:

Fat freezing Lipo, also called as cryolipolysis is highly effective in targeting areas such as belly fat, muffin tops, love handles, double chins, back fat and inner thighs. It works by freezing the fatty material for achieving long-lasting results. The treatment targets stubborn pockets of soft, squeezable fat tissue to help reduce lumps, bumps, and bulges. For achieving a slimmer look, one or two treatments are usually recommended.

  • 3D Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation:

Ultrasound Cavitation involves a course of weekly procedures to re-shape the body. It helps in losing unwanted inches by treating larger areas of fats such as thighs, bum or bigger stomachs. The gel is applied to the targeted areas and ultrasound plates are moved over your body which turns fatty material into a liquid that can be carried away as waste. Apparently, there is no pain, and it feels like a warming massage.

  • 3D Lipo Skin Tightening:

For tightening of loose and sagging skin, 3D Lipo Skin Tightening technique is used.  Heat within the layers of skin is generated by applying the radiofrequency waves. It stimulates elastin and collagen production – designed to provide tighter looking skin.  6-8 sessions with a week apart are normally carried out to achieve the best outcomes.

  • 3D Lipo Shockwave Therapy:

It is a new addition to the procedures of 3D Liposuction. It is clinically proven that shockwave therapy enhances all other mentioned body shaping techniques by speeding up the achieved outcomes.


As compare to traditional liposuction which comes with mild pain and a recovery time of around two weeks, 3D liposuction requires little to no recovery and downtime.

Schedule a Free Consultation:

If you’re tired of yo-yo dieting and weight loss gimmicks that don’t work and are ready to permanently change your relationship with food then choose 3D Liposuction in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Feel free and fill in the form below to schedule your appointment with Cosmesurge International Hospital. We will be pleased to answer your queries to help you in changing your life for the better.  We aim to provide the highest level of care to our clients without the big city price tag – we want you to leave our clinic feeling more body confident than when you came in.

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