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Chronic wounds Treatment in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & pakistanA wound that fails to respond to treatment after four weeks or has not healed entirely in two months is considered to be a chronic wound. Most of the wounds heal over time but some people suffer non-healing, chronic wounds. When medical care does not solve the problem then Cosmesurge can be considered as a real quick fix. We offer comprehensive care to the sufferers of complex chronic wound with most advanced healing approaches. Arterial ulcers, burns, comprised skin flaps, diabetic ulcers and other forms of wounds demand much time and special care for better healing. These types of wounds usually arise due to poor blood circulation, weak immunity or diabetes.

Results and Benefits:


Once done with the healing procedure of wound, the treatment results in replacement of missing cellular structures and tissue layers. Patient comes up with increased amount of collagen and improved functioning of skin cells. Each individual has unique skin quality with different elasticity and flexibility due to which results vary person to person. No guarantee.


  • Takes less time in healing wounds
  • Increases production of collagen fibers
  • Decreases incidence of wound infection
  • Promotes growth, movement and function of new cells
  • Encourages more even skin formation with reduced scarring

Who Is At Risk?

Individuals with any of the below mentioned conditions are in danger of creating chronic wounds. You can be a victim if:

  • You are motionless and obese
  • You are suffering from medical chronic conditions
  • You are sufferer of vascular disease such hypertension
  • You have high risk occupations with radiation exposure
  • You have previous history of ulcers or extended duration of bed rest

Aim of Treatment:

Diverse treatments for healing chronic wounds in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are aiming to decrease the dimension size and to fill in base of the wound. COSMESURGE is providing best real fix to prevent wound from progressing to chronic state will minimal risks of complications. In general, treating and removing the underlying cause of any chronic wound should be the primary focus of the treatment.

Techniques We Use:

Research using real‐world wound care patients is hindered by lack of validated methods to stratify patients according to severity of underlying illnesses. Before undergoing any procedure the wound is cleaned by using saline or tap water. Technique used for healing chronic wounds in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are listed below:

  1. Debridement:

This technique involves removal of dead or inflamed tissues. This is done by using sharp medical tool. For leaning wound, high pressure water jet or enzyme based gel is used. Local anesthesia is applied to cause numbness on affected area.

  1. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

During this treatment, patient is moved to a special chamber full of high pressure oxygen. The sufferer is allowed to take deep breath for increasing oxygen concentration in the blood. This is done to improve oxygen supply to the wound.

  1. Skin grafts:

This treatment is recommended for large sized wounds. It involves insertion of skin grafts from other parts of the body usually thighs and transplanted into the wound area. This allows poorly healed ulcers to close faster.

  1. Ultrasound and Electromagnetic therapy:

Sound waves play significant role to improve healing of chronic wounds. Sounds energy make skin tissues to warm up. As compared to other techniques, this technique has not been proven to heal faster. In electromagnetic therapy, weak electromagnetic waves are applied to poor condition of wound.


Recovery time of each treatment is different. It depends on which technique you have been treated with. This will be considered by the practitioner after assessing condition of chronic wounds and overall medical health.

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For the best wound care outcome and the quickest healing process, Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad Rawalpindi is offering best treatment options. Today’s wound care dressings have moisture management properties to fulfill all of the functions of the passive dressings of earlier times, but also promote faster healing, reduce pain, encourage vapor transmission, promote autolytic debridement, and also act as a bacterial barrier. Schedule free consultation by filling the form and make your appointment booked.