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double chin removal in islamabad, rawalpindi, peshawar & PakistanThere are many reasons that are taking people towards double chin formation. Loosely bound skin from age or as a result of heredity may contribute in this formation. Or it can be attain by the formation of extra layer of fat under chin that results due to excess weight gain. This cause is considered to be the most common throughout the world. Suffers, used to hide double chins by weaning a scarf or high neck uppers. If double chins are taking part in disturbing your facial appearance then there is no need to worry about them now. Number of cosmetic treatments are available that are devoting in double chin removal in Islamabad by eradicating fat layer.

Results and Benefits:


Patients come up with a very well-defined chin that increases their satisfaction level through double chin removal in Islamabad & Rawalpindi treatment at COSMESURGE. Results are natural and long lasting only when you take healthy nutrition. Aesthetic outcomes of this cosmetic treatment commit an eye-catching attractive look.


  • Enhances self-confidence
  • Provides definite neck angle
  • Delivers fresh and tight skin
  • Consider to be non-invasive technique
  • Reduces neck fullness and double chin
  • Make you look younger than your age
  • Charming results are achieved in 1/2 visits

Who is Candidate?

The treatment is suitable for everyone and can be performed on any skin type. Anyone can qualify for the treatment from teens to 50’s. You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You don’t smoke
  • You are healthy and fit
  • You’ve positive expectations
  • You are unhappy with double chin
  • You are looking for definite jaw line
  • You’ve no serious skin complications

Aim of Treatment:

During the treatment, expert surgeons at Cosmeserge International Hospital remove excess deposition of fats from the chin. The treatment aims to precise loosening of muscle and subsidizes skin tightening. Patients can get attractive, well-define and balanced chin shape through double chin removal in Islamabad. This problem can be faced by both the young and mature people because of various reasons.

Technique We Use:

Liposuction mesotherapy, face-lift and neck-lift may contribute in removing fat materials from the chin. The procedure lasts for few hours and demands accuracy and precision of a surgeon. The simple procedure is given below:

  • The procedure is carried out under local or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia is usually applied with intravenous sedation to cause numbness on the area.
  • Chin is marked with a pen for making an area that has unwanted fat.
  • Following the procedure, a small incision is created underneath the chin.
  • Fat can be removed precisely or in combination with liposuction.
  • This step sucks out the fatty material by inserting a narrow tube.
  • With the expertise of surgeon, platisma muscle is tightened that gives definite texture to chin and supports the angle of neck.
  • Furthermore, this muscle is constrained by using sutures.
  • The last step involves closing of incision that is done by dissolvable stitches.
  • In some cases, implants are inserted for proper shaping of chin.


The treatment demands very little time for its recovery. One can feel pain, irritation and a little discomfort right after the surgery. Certain medications and pain killers are recommended that need to be taken on time as prescribed by the doctor. Try to avoid direct sun exposure for few days as it can disturb the healing process by giving rise to skin infections. Wear loose clothing for 1-2 weeks. The signs of swelling and bruising diminish in the following days.

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