Hifu Treatment In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

Hifu Treatment is performed best at cosmesurge hospital. The term stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment (HIFU). It is a new cosmetic technology that is playing a major role in skin tightening, skin lifting and body contouring. The number of women who are much concerned about facial wrinkles and loss of elasticity due to aging is increasing day by day. Therefore, this ultrasound Hifu Treatment In Rawalpindi And Islamabad has been approved for the therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. Being non-invasive and non-

surgical, it targets body tissues of the deep skin layers for boosting the production and regeneration of collagen.

Results and Benefits:


A well performed natural appearing facelift (HIFU) without actually having a surgical procedure may accomplish tightening of loose facial neck muscles, tightening of loose facial and neck skin, removal of fat deposits in the neck and lifting of the jowls. The outcomes become apparent right after the very first session. However, you must keep in mind, results will never be as effective as surgical rejuvenation such as a facelift.


  • Corrects facial shape
  • Involves an outpatient procedure
  • No incisions are needed to be created
  • Tightens soft tissues and skin of the face
  • Gives a younger looking version of yourself
  • Useful for achieving mild tightening and lifting effects
  • Addresses true anatomical reason of the ageing process
  • Works effectively in removing post-pregnancy stretch marks

Who Is Candidate?

The treatment is not gender specific as both males and females can go for this non-invasive treatment option. Certain indications are listed below that may help you in choosing HIFU for the face. You can be a candidate if:

  • You have stepped into 30’s or 40’s
  • You have very undefined jaw-line
  • You have mild signs of facial aging
  • You are having fine lines or wrinkles
  • You are conscious about your physical appearance
  • You skin is sagging around the eyelids and cheeks
  • You want minimal improvement and maintenance
  • You have drooping skin in the area around your mouth

Aim of Treatment:

The skin rejuvenating procedure of HIFU aims to lift and tighten saggy skin of the neck, chin, and brow as well as aims to improve the lines and wrinkles on the chest. During the procedure, targeted area is induced to cellular damage and volume reduction by accumulating the high frequency beams of ultrasound. It works at specific tissue site without causing any damage to the epidermis and adjacent tissue.

Technique We Use:

Depending on area of treatment, the procedure may take 30 minutes to two and a half hour. HIFU Treatment delivers a very natural looking face lifting effect after following the below mentioned steps:

  1. The surgeon evenly moves an ultrasound probe over the skin.
  2. It allows the high intensity focused ultrasound waves to reach the underlying connective tissue and generate the desired skin-tightening effects by stimulating production of collagen.
  3. One of the major benefits of carrying the procedure is that it doesn’t affect the remaining underlying layers of skin.
  4. This results in giving rise to a lifting that can be carried out gently and without any trace.


Once you are done with the HIFU Treatment, you can carry out your activities as per normal routine. Little redness and swelling can be observed which usually subsides quickly. For the first few weeks, you may feel a light tingling sensation which is normal.

Schedule a Free Consultation

We recommend you a consultation with a plastic or cosmetic surgeon well-skilled in facelift and eyelid surgery who also offers non-surgical rejuvenation to make more specific recommendation to achieve the natural look you desire.Interested candidates of  Hifu Treatment In Rawalpindi And Islamabad or from another city must fill in the consultation form to book their appointment online or visit Cosmesurge International Hospital.


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