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liquid facelift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & PakistanLiquid facelift in Islamabad is a non-surgical procedure that is found to be powerful force of cosmetic fillers to remove the signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, lines and creases in the face and neck. These signs may appear due to growing age, sun exposure, unbalanced diet, thinning of skin and loss of facial fat. It basically involves use of distinct fillers to give face a youthful look. As the name shows, liquid facelift is done through injecting Botox in combination with dermal fillers that dramatically enhance facial beauty. Cheek bones, jaw line, forehead, skin folds, jowls and mouth frown can be made symmetrical as these fillers have capability to undergo successful changes.

Results and Benefits:


Liquid facelift in Islamabad & Rawalpindi results in rejuvenating, youthful and natural facial appearance. The outcomes enhancing facial features give full face correction. Desired maintenance can give a very prolonged facelift. Some people get excellent results and some people get satisfactory results. This is totally dependent on injected technique, use of product, harshness of aging spots and expertise of the practitioner. When done correctly the liquid facelift addresses volume loss, the structural support as well as the appearance of the face and skin. The positive outcomes last for many years.


  • It is the non-invasive technique
  • It doesn’t demand any kind of surgery
  • It makes you look younger than your age
  • It is much more cost effective and affordable
  • It is fast procedures as compare to tradition one
  • It delivers immediate results with no recovery time
  • It gives natural looking results with no risks of infection

Who Is Candidate?

If you are in immense stress because of your ugly looking facial profile then you should consider liquid facelift. Few instructions must be kept in mind before confirming your candidacy. You can be a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You want to attain more rested facial look
  • You are in good physical and mental health
  • You don’t want to go with surgical procedure
  • You want to improve facial curves and creases
  • You want to eliminate wrinkles, lines and folds
  • You have no history of skin allergy and sensitivity

Aim of Treatment:

Many years ago, surgical treatments were playing role in erasing signs of aging. Today it has been possible that people can get rid of facial wrinkles and spot without undergoing any surgery. Liquid facelift in Islamabad cosmetic treatment is working with the aim of contouring face and neck by using fillers. Delivering of successful and satisfactory results in very cheap cost and zero downtime is one of the major goals of the treatment.

Technique We Use:

Always remember full face correction does not come with only one session. Few sessions need to be followed to get youthful looking appearance. The type and number of procedures may vary person to person according to their desires and needs. Multi-layered custom approach involves use of fillers to fill face giving natural looking result.  Drooping cheeks, jaw line, jowls and eye bags are treated and lifted by injecting fillers deep into the face. Folds and lines around mouth, nose and neck require a smoother filler to blend the creases significantly.


As no surgery is performed, the recovery period is fast and quick. Swelling may appear which can be subsided by placing ice packs on area when fillers are being injected. Redness, bruising and little irritation are normal and heal in 1-2 days. Patients can go for their routine work on the same day of treatment. The recovery period is usually less than a week.

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