Laser Hair Removal For Bikini Areas

If you have decided to throw your razors and you have restricted yourself to go to salons for waxing then invest in laser hair removal for removing hairs permanently from the bikini area. Let COSMESURGE be the one to congratulate you on your perfect decision. After a few sessions of treatment, you will surely get smooth and hair free bikini just like the bottom area of a baby. Six sessions are usually carried out and just like waxing and shaving, you have a control f how much hair you want to remove.

Benefits of being bare:

Wear the fashion confidently! Aside of feeling fresh, you can carry the latest fashions of popular bikini and panties that are becoming increasingly narrow. The days have gone when you accidently nick yourself in most delicate and sensitive areas of your body. Today through laser technology you can have silky skin on hardest to reach areas. This is effectively achieved by undergoing Laser Hair Removal. There are the number of advantages of having hairless public region.

  • You may come up with flawlessly smooth skin
  • You may feel fresh, cleaner, satisfied and more confidence
  • You can have a chance of looking great in the latest bikini and lingerie styles

How does bikini laser hair removal work?

As you know it involves use of lasers but how these lasers restrict hair growth? It is the common question that arises in everyone’s mind. Here is the answer to your question! An intense pulse of laser light is normally focused on a bikini and other areas from where you want to remove the hairs. It is carried out by laser technician. These lasers are accurately and precisely set to certain wavelength and then they target the melanin pigment in the hair. Laser beams are absorbed by the hair and pass into the follicle. The treatment shows it effects by destroying hair roots. Multiple sessions are required to achieve best results and each session takes about 15-20 minutes only.

Does this laser air removal hurt?

At COSMESURGE, a bikini is a common area on which most of our technicians work. There is no need of getting embarrassed. Our staff has well-trained professionals and they do it every coming day!

The procedure of laser treatment is gaining popularity for removing hair in a safe and effective manner. This non-invasive technique is becoming a convenient and relatively painless way. The best thing is that achieved results look great and last for very long period of life.

Why go with Cosmesurge Hospital for laser treatment?

The laser procedure is safe technique but when performed incorrectly it becomes dangerous. Therefore, before going for the treatment you should put your trust first into highly professional skin care practitioners. At Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad, Rawalpindi we are the best in human care and business. Our technology is pertaining to the highest level of development and works with a broad spectrum of skin tone, thickness and color of the hair. Highly qualified professionals and understanding technicians operate the medical grade machine ensuring great delivery of results.

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