Laser Hair Removal In Rawalpindi and IslamabadLaser Hair Removal In Rawalpindi and Islamabad

For achieving cosmetic goals, Laser Hair Removal In Rawalpindi and Islamabad involves use of laser light to destroy the roots of hair. People who are tired of removing hair from the body by waxing and shaving can now consider this advanced technique. Laser beams are playing role in removing hairs from face, armpits, legs, bikini line and other body parts.

Results and Benefits:


Targeting hair roots under beneath the skin, the treatment delivers desired results. Most laser hair treatment in Islamabad significantly reduces, and may even eliminates, the overall amount of hair in the treated area, but while results are typically long-lasting, permanent results are not guaranteed. Resulted outcomes depend on skin tone, hair color, type of laser and area that need to be treated.  It is perfectly natural to be keen to see the results as quickly as possible.


  • Safest and cost effective technique
  • Avoids razor burn or ingrown hairs
  • There is no limit to the areas you can get laser treatment
  • Involves Time saving procedure for reducing hair growth
  • Laser hair removal in Islamabad takes less time in completion

Who Is Candidate?

This laser treatment is usually good for those men and women who have dark hairs with light skin. You can be elected for this hair removal technique if:

  • Your area of treatment is large in size
  • You have thick, coarse and dark hairs
  • You want to achieve long-term results
  • You have no skin allergy or sensitivity
  • You are physically and mentally stable

Aim of Treatment:

With the aim of removing unwanted hairs it has become possible to reduce the hair growth in any part of body except eyelid and surrounding through laser hair removal in Islamabad. Laser beams destroy hair follicles leaving behind the surface of skin undamaged. The treatment options of this advanced technology show more effective outcomes for lighter toned hair than hairs of red, blonde, grey or white color.

Technique We Use:

Before starting the procedure, protective eye shields are usually placed over the areas of areas. This is done to avoid contact of retina and cornea with the lasers. The steps involved are:

  • Hairs are trimmed to few millimeters above the surface of skin.
  • Special cooling device is placed to protect the outer layers of skin.
  • Low energy laser beams are adjusted according to skin tone and hair color.
  • Device emitting laser beams is moved along the area of treatment.
  • This allows hair to absorb focused light for destructing unwanted hair follicles.
  • As hair grows in cycles, it typically takes three to four laser hair removal treatments to provide significant hair reduction.


Right after Laser Hair Removal In Rawalpindi and Islamabad, your skin may appear red and bruising. But it is normal and lasts only for a day. Patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure, plucking and waxing on the treated area. For alleviating discomforts, cold compresses are used. This aids in better and faster healing. Desired results are observer after four to eight weeks.

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Laser hair removal now offers a real alternative to expensive salon treatments or the monthly painful waxing sessions. Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is gaining tremendous popularity in this regard. Fill the form for a FREE consultation and fit for the ideal candidacy.

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