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5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan

5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost in Pakistan

We all prioritize our appearance, just like we prioritize our health, right?

Hair is important in maintaining your physical appearance. Baldness upsets a lot of people nowadays. A hair transplant will be an effective way for them to regain their attractive appearance. Before we answer how much does hair transplant cost in Islamabad, Pakistan, let’s first discuss hair transplant and what 5000 grafts hair transplant actually involves, how surgeons perform it, what the procedures, costs, and benefits are. You’re probably looking for permanent solutions to your hair loss. A 5000 grafts hair transplant is the best solution to your problem. Read the article or visit our professionals to learn more about how a hair transplant can help people regrow their lost hair naturally. Cosmesurge International Hospital addresses your thinning hair concerns and offers the best solution for your needs.

How Does 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Works?

A 5000 grafts hair transplant is a surgical procedure that moves hair from a donor area to a location where you have baldness or thinning hair, like your scalp. The surgeon will first clean your scalp, and then he will inject anesthesia to numb the back of your head, so now that you have an idea that hair transplant is not painful. Doctor will then harvest loss-resistant hair from the most fertile places of the head and transplant it to the bald areas as needed. Surgeons extract hair follicles from the back of the scalp, which is suited for use as a donor area. If the back of the head lacks sufficient hair follicles, a hair transplant operation is performed using healthy hair follicles extracted from other regions of the body, such as the cheek or chest.

Ideal Candidates for a 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant:

Anyone suffering from hair loss or baldness may consider getting a hair transplant. People who are experiencing this problem, on the other hand, may consider a 5000-graft hair transplant:

  • Men suffering from pattern baldness
  • Women suffering from hair thinning
  • Anyone who has lost hair as a result of a scalp burn or injury

Can 5000 Grafts Hair Transplantation Be Done In Only One Session?

Yes, it is possible to transplant 5,000 grafts in a single session using modern procedures such as FUE. This procedure can be done in approximately 6 hours.

Is 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Painful?

A local anesthetic needle can be used in hair transplant surgery using modern procedures. There is no scar because no incision is done in the head area. In short, a 5000 Grafts hair transplant is not painful at all, and it is completely worth it.

How Many Hair Strands Does It Take In A 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant?

The number of hair strands contained in each hair graft differs.

Each hair graft has a different amount of hair strands, which are categorized as single, double, or triple. Hair grafts extracted during hair transplant surgery are sorted by hair strand and transplanted to thinning areas. Single hair follicles are often transplanted at the front hairline. Because this also applies to natural hair structure. There are single hair follicles in the areas surrounding the forehead, and multi-stranded hair follicles in the areas moving towards the top. Hair transplants are created in the most natural way possible for the natural hair structure. The number of hair strands arising from each transplanted hair follicle ranges between 8,000 and 10,000. It is directly related to the quality of the donor area’s hair follicles.

How Much Does 5000 Grafts Hair Transplant Cost In Islamabad, Pakistan?

The cost of a hair transplant is determined by the technique used and the amount of grafts transplanted. The cost of the operation increases as the quantity of grafts taken and transplanted increases. You must be checked to learn more about hair transplant costs. You can Contact Us for the consultation regarding cost and the surgery, our professionals will accommodate you.

To be eligible for a hair transplant, the patient must be in good health. Furthermore, the donor area from where the hair will be extracted must be thick. The final 5000 grafts hair transplant cost in Islamabad, Pakistan:

  • The extent of the hair transplant procedure
  • The surgical technique chosen by the surgeon
  • The surgeon’s expertise

Cosmesurge International Hospital offers hair transplant surgeries at a minimal price while ensuring your safety.

Care Instructions after Hair Transplant Surgery:

We offer customized guidelines to all of our patients. Here are some general guidelines for personal care following hair transplant surgery:

  • The day after surgery, do not wash your hair. A few days after your surgery, wash your hair.
  • Use only mild shampoo for the first few weeks after surgery. You should consult your doctor about which shampoos to use.
  • Brush or rub a comb on your hair for up to 3 weeks.
  • After the surgery, you can resume your normal activities and return to work in three days.
  • Do not wear pullover coats, hoodies, or hats until your doctor gives permission.
  • For a week, avoid any exercise.

It may take several months for the hair transplanted after the 5000 grafts hair transplant to match the natural hair.

Why Should You Opt For Cosmesurge International Hospital?

We offer affordable hair transplant packages to our patients. All 5000 graft hair transplant packages will be customized to your specific needs. We aim to deliver the best possible patient care by using best technology and latest equipment. This equipment is operated by highly trained and experienced surgeons.

For more details, one can contact us any time.





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