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Botox Injections

Botox Injections in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & pakistanBotox  are the injections that contain a poisonous chemical known as Botulin – ‘botulinum toxin A’. The chemical is injected into skin to treat wrinkles, when handled properly. In contrast, when used carelessly or in large amount the chemical lead to ‘botulism’ – muscle paralysis. Scientists have developed this cosmetic approach to deal with humans’ facial problems and other medical purposes. These injections are competent in creating barrier for nerves generating muscle contraction. Following the way, Botox leads to induce softening of wrinkles. Besides this, it helps in sorting out muscle stress, lazy eye, uncontrolled eye blink etc. Medically, Botox injections in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is also taking part in treating dystonia, chronic pain, migraine and nephropathy. The Botox chemical is considered to be the most poisonous substance which is then purified and used by expert cosmetic physicians.

Results And Benefits:

Botox injections are one of the most rapidly used cosmetic treatments considered by common youth and celebrities. The cost varies depending on how many areas and which type of condition, you want to treat. People who have creases in the mid of eyebrows, that makes them look angry, confuse and even sometimes worried, can go for this treatment too. For achieving good results, amount and placement of Botox must be considered carefully.


  • Aesthetic outcomes
  • Fresh, young, attractive look
  • Muscles contributing to wrinkles relaxes
  • Smooth skin with improvement t in fines lines
  • Permanent long lasting effects within 3-4 months
  • Redness, bruising, headache can be felt, turns to normal within few week


  • Prevents eye twitch
  • Also aids in mini face lifts
  • Treats frowns lines and crow’s feet
  • Exterminates extreme and unpredictable sweating
  • Less invasive in contrast to alternative procedures
  • Non-surgical quick fixer for facial lines and wrinkles
  • Botox Injections in Rawalpindi involves quick procedure
  • Scales down nausea and light sensitivity to reduce migraine
  • Treats other medical problems as mentioned above in article

Who Is Candidate?

A technique with wrinkle removal property and other medical benefits is frequently adopting by enormous people. Patients are injected with different number of injections depending on extent and size of affected area. Anyone can approach this treatment if candidates aren’t:

  • Having swallowing issue
  • Affected by any skin infection
  • Allergic to the Botox chemical
  • Suffering from breathing difficulties
  • Undergoing with bleeding problems
  • Dealing with strong muscular activity
  • Facing side effects of prior Botox surgery

Aim Of Treatment:

The Botox injections are widely playing role in treating human facial and medical problems. The aim of Botox injections in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is to enhance victim’s physical appearance. With its paralyzing property of muscles, the treatment is undergoing to treat other serious medical condition of sufferers too. This cosmetic treatment is ensuring patients, a very natural, attractive and young look. With the aim of treating facial and medical problems through cosmetic procedures, COSMESURGE is providing a platform to the sufferers for getting rid of problems .

Technique We Use:

Due to the continuous movement of facial muscles, wrinkles are forming on person’s neck and face. People are too busy in routine activities that they are unable to find time for the treatment. Permanent scars are appearing which are making them to look old before the age. For avoiding such problems, an extensive technique is being used consisting of following steps:

Steps Involved:

  • A poisonous chemical-botulin is purified to less concentrated form, injected precisely to neuromuscular tissue.
  • The whole procedure takes few minutes and no anesthesia is required.
  • Skin need to be cleansed before injected chemical.
  • Half-inch 32 gauge needle is injected into the muscular tissue with little discomfort.
  • Commonly, 24-72 are required for experiencing Botox effects. In rare cases; it takes 4-5 days.


The Botox treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi may cause numbness, headache, nausea, weakness after having Botox. But it will last only for few hours. Number of injections is given within minutes according to the requirements. You can carry out daily routine works soon after the treatment. Patients are strictly advised to avoid rubbing on treated area, as the injected chemical can move into the untreated areas too.

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