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Birthmark Removal:

A birthmark is colored mark that can appear on any part of the body or under the skin since birth or developed shortly after birth. Generally these skin markings are painless and harmless but they make you feel more self-conscious about the looks – especially on the face. These marks vary in size, shape and color. Some appears smooth while others appear rough and raised. Birthmark Removal in Islamabad and Rawalpindi restores self-confidence by giving you look you have been dreaming of. Wide variety of treatments is helping in removing pigments from the skin. There are some birthmarks that fade on their own over time such as Mongolian spots.

Results and Benefits:


Results become apparent right after getting the first treatment. But in some cases multiple sessions are needed for optimal results. It may take several months to get the final results but they will be permanent. Once the birthmarks fade they don’t come back again.


  • Improves the child’s quality of life
  • Increases self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Offers effective procedure for reducing pigmentation
  • Involves a procedure that doesn’t take too much time

Who Is Candidate?

Men, women and children, who are embarrassed and frustrated by pigmented markings on their skin, should go for the treatment. There is no age limit with Laser Birthmark Removal in Islamabad. However, for children under the age of 5, a consultation with a doctor is recommended. There are certain conditions that are kept in consideration while selecting people for candidacy. You can also be a good candidate for removal if:

  • You are in good physical health
  • You are very realistic in expectations
  • You maturely understand the procedure
  • You don’t take alcoholic drinks and are non-smoker
  • You want to improve the appearance and physical comfort

Aim of Treatment:

Most birthmarks are inconspicuous, small and harmless, but some can develop a much more prominent appearance and begin to cause problems. Some people feel very self-conscious about their birth marks, and they’d prefer to have them removed. While the aim of birthmark removal in Islamabad is to completely remove the birthmark, Patients with realistic expectations may expect desired results between 70 to 90 percent.

Technique We Use:

The techniques used in the procedures of removing marks will depend on factors such as size, location and type. Number of technique can be used depending on the varying properties of markings and nature of tissue involved. The treatments for removing marks are discussed below:

  1. Use of medications:

Many of the birth marking removal creams are available in the market. But this treatment rarely works. The creams may help in fading the color and reducing the size but do not remove the marks permanently. But since many tend to go away over time, it’s difficult to tell if the success of such a treatment is real. Corticosteroids are often used for treating large hemangiomas. This type of treatment shrinks the birthmarks within few weeks.

  1. Laser therapy:

This popular procedure is highly recommended for port wine stains. The treatment significantly lightens the appearance after undergoing few treatments. In rare cases, stains appear again and require more treatments to follow. Dermatologist starts the procedure by using a flash-lamp pumped dye laser that emits laser light. The laser beams penetrate the skin. The heavily pigmented cells will heat up and burst. This non-invasive treatment successfully removes stains in infants, children and young people.

  1. Surgical approach:

This treatment is preferred when no other techniques bring about desired result. Mostly the sufferers of hemangiomas are selected as the candidacy of this treatment. Birthmarks that are large in size of found on internal organs require surgical removal. Once the treatment is done the treated area is wrapped in compression dressing. Often, hemangioma persists if the surgical excision is performed incompletely. Birthmark Removal Through Surgical Excision in Islamabad and Rawalpindi lasts for about an hour. The procedure involves creation of incision into the skin and area containing pigmented tissue is removed. Sutures are not used on treated area as it heals on its own.


In rare cases bleeding, scabbing, tenderness and bruising may occur but usually fades within a week. Some people also come up with scarring on the treated area. The patients are advised not to take aspirin instead they can use vitamin E to keep the potential of bruising down. There is a very short healing time after you remove birthmarks. You have to avoid scratching in order to take good care of treated area.

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Always consult a practitioner if you want to get rid of a birthmark. Make sure to use an experienced doctor or cosmetic surgeon for any kind of birthmark removal. Now it is possible at Cosmesurge International Hospital to treat different types of vascular and pigmented birthmarks. The approach used will depend on the benefits versus the risks of the Birthmark Removal Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The tissue involved will also play a role in determining the approach. Fill out the consultation form and book your FREE appointment with our competent dermatologists.