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Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss In Islamabad

It is the type of non-surgical treatment that is provided in the form of injections filled with vitamins to both males and females. These injections are injected in the scalp of people who have thin hair or have bald patches on the head. The main purpose of mesotherapy for hair loss in Islamabad is to increase the circulation of blood and hair follicles. With increased blood circulation the treatment also increases the regulation of proteins, vitamins and other growth factors in the patient’s scalp. This type of treatment benefits in getting higher dense hair by restoring hair loss problems and has been gaining popularity throughout the world.

Results and Benefits:


For maximum results, consistency is very important. Successive results are being delivered showing moderate density of hairs. Sufferers with hair thinning problems come up with aesthetic changes.  The results that you observe will be absolutely healthy and natural. Patients can carry out the routine activities right after the next day of treatment. Cosmesurge is playing a significant role in delivering long lasting results of mesotherapy in Islamabad by providing best treatment with skills of highly experienced surgeon and team.


i )  It doesn’t require any surgery

ii)  It is one of the quick and speedy procedures

iii)  It is one of the best non-invasive solution for hair loss

iv)  It also restores hormonal misbalancing in the scalp

v)  It removes any prior infection through a process of hydration

vi)  It is virtually painless technique and ensures fast recovery

vii)  It only involves medication and boosters for significant hair growth

Who Is Candidate For Mesotherapy For Hair Loss?

Mesotherapy is considered to be the best and safest treatment for hair related issues for both males and females. You can be an ideal candidate of mesotherapy in Islamabad and Rawalpindi if:

a)   You have realistic expectations

b)   You are in initial stages of alopecia

c)   You don’t use blood thinning supplements

d)   You’re physically healthy with no medical alignments

e)   You’re suffering from balding symptoms, excessive hair loss or hair thinning

Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

Technique We Use :

The completion time of whole procedure depends on how many areas need to get treated and the balding condition of the patient. Following steps are being carried out for achieving successful results:

i  A nutrients rich solution is injected into the mesoderm of scalp on the area of baldness by using a micro-needle injection particularly called as mesotherapy-gun.

ii   A numbing cream is applied to the area of treatment.

iii  The needle is made sterile so that there will be no chance of occurrence of any infection and will aid in stimulating hair growth.

iv   Cocktail of vitamins and essential nutrients is made tissue friendly to get results of higher efficiency.

v   The entire process completes in 7-8 sessions and each session is handled each weak one by one.

Aim of Treatment:

By knowing the fact, hair loss problems are arising due to insufficient nutrients in the body, reduced blood circulation on scalp and hormonal imbalance over hair follicles. This treatment aims to provide a non-invasive solution by injecting combination of certain chemicals, amino acids, vitamins and co-enzymes as per the requirement of follicular units and facilitates the reliable growth of hairs.


The mesotherapy for hair loss in Islamabad and Rawalpindi in start shows hair shedding which is followed by increased hair length and density after few days of treatment. Some of the special topical medications are recommended by the doctor for boosting hair growth.  A follow-up will be needed in order to maintain aesthetic results as described by your trichologist.

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