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Fue Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

Fue Hair Transplant Recovery Timeline

Hair transplant procedure is altering lives of millions of people and helping in returning back their lost confidence. Cosmesurge International Hospital is providing a revolutionize solution at your door step.


Less invasive hair transplant procedure intends to move hair from one to another with the aim of recovering baldness, both in men and women. FUT, FUE, stem cell hair transplant, PRP and all other surgical procedures preserving hair architecture are coming forward with natural and permanent results.  Once you decide for a hair transplant then get ready to say good-bye to all your hair related problems. People losing self-confidence due to excessive hair loss are having adverse effects on their professional and personal lives. A revolutionary solution is waiting to eliminate baldness with very low costs.


Many of the people are curious about hair transplant recovery. Number of questions arises in their mind like what is the recovery period? Will people bring them in notice? Do they have to remove all hairs before surgery? Can I get rid of baldness? When I’ll be permitted to work? The surgeons will give you all your answers during consultation. So, there is no need to be worry about. Patients are never advised to shave their head completely. Few centimeters of hairs are kept prior to surgery for covering up the sutures. You can go home right after the surgery. Patients have to take care of some guidelines after the surgery. The practitioner will recommend some post operative instructions which have to be strictly followed for immediate healing process. Redness and irritation can be felt on the treated area that will recover after few hours of surgery. Surgeons recommend sufferers to avoid rubbing and scratching on the treated area. Medical shampoo is prescribed which can be used after 2 days of surgery. For better healing, patients are requested to avoid swimming, exercising, running and lifting heavy weights. Smoking is forbidden as it can cause damage and infections to the treated area. It normally takes 9 months to fully recover. Patients with slow growing process come up with permanent results within approximately 12 months.



For maintaining the density, no special medications and shampoos are recommended. One can easily wash, comb, style, dye and take care of new transplanted hairs just he looks after for the natural ones. During the healing process the transplanted hair will shed giving rise to the growth of new hairs. The results will be permanent and long lasting. No other man can search for the transplanted hairs in your head as it is difficult to differentiate between transplanted and natural hairs. Medical experts throughout the world are clearing confusions of people by proving hair transplant treatment safe and natural procedure.

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