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How to Choose Your Hair Transplant Surgeon?


Hair transplant surgeon is truly dealing with balding and hair thinning issues of both men and women that works by implanting the patient’s own hairs in the area of scalp lacking hair growth and density. The surgery is adopted by most of the men however females suffering from semi-baldness or thinning as well as people who encounter balding due to injury, burns and other different causes are getting hair restoration treatment today. Deciding to undergo any surgical procedure is a frightening process even though the results can make it very worthwhile in the long-term.

Do Research When Seeking A Hair Transplant Surgeon:

Different clinics have made available a lot of options for you. Now it’s your homework to choose the best one. Research the surgeon; ask him/her to see the final results of his patients who are done with the Hair Transplant surgery. Focus on if his advice makes any sense?  Board certification is also important for signifying a commitment to excellence.

Principles For Selecting Hair Transplant Surgeons:

Here are some of the principles that can help you in selecting your surgeon as well as in making a strong decision.

  1. Professional Qualification:

The first question you should look for getting the answer is – “what is your qualification?” The technique of hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that is only performed by entitled cosmetic/plastic surgeon. Any physician is not allowed to perform hair restoration surgery without any special certification or training. At Cosmesurge International Hospital, Dr. Yasir alla Qudre has aesthetic skills in order to put aesthetic hair line design to meet the criteria of natural hair transplant. This criterion particularly includes accurate angle & direction, correct designing oh hairline and formation of slit to place the grafts precisely.

  1. Experience:

The second factor that can help in selecting best surgeon is to demonstrate his experience in the relevant field. So one must get an authentic answer to this question is, “what is the number of years the surgeon has exclusively dedicated to hair transplantation?”

  1. Aesthetic/artistic skills and expertise of the surgeon:

Best surgeon should possess artistic skills for the placing grafts according to the patient’s facial profile, gender and age. Follicular units must be implanted with much care and consciousness. This is the primary responsibility of a hair transplant surgeon. Ideally, he will be dedicated to working on procedure all day. Designing and directing hairline is very important in this aesthetic surgery. It needs most aesthetic sense from the surgeon in designing particular line according to the face for attaining the goal of best transplant.

  1. Reputation from his past experience:

Reputation of a surgeon among his patients reveals his past work and expertise. Ask to see reviews of his patients. This can easily unveil the reality. It will let your surgeon to make your contact with patients willing to discuss their personal experience.

  1. Face-to-face consultation:

Before considering any procedure, a reputed surgeon will always claim to have a face-to-face consultation. It will let you to discuss your expectations and desired hair coverage without hesitation. The surgeon should assess whether these results are achievable and give patient realistic expectations. At COSMESURGE HOSPITAL, all our patients are seen individually by our surgeon Dr. Yasir alla Qudre and his team before proceeding to a full transplant.

It’s quite obvious that the more experienced the specialist is, the higher the chances are that you’ll see great outcomes.

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